Taking a Day

‘Her Scottish Groom’ hits the shelves today! After the butterflies and nerves I wrote about last week, today I get to celebrate the release of my second book. It’s the first day out, but I’m fortunate enough to have a couple of 5-star reviews up at Barnes & Noble‘s site already. Thank you Harriet and April!

The time between submitting a manuscript and releasing a book can be a year or even longer. This may be a good thing, as it allows an author to forget the stress of finishing that particular book by deadline, or in the middle of a family flu epidemic, or whatever roadblock the universe decides to throw at her. And believe me, there’s always something. It’s sort of like giving birth: once you have the baby, memory of labor (eventually) fades, enabling you to consider going through the agony again.

I can’t describe the sense of accomplishment gained from seeing and holding my own book. I hope I never take that for granted! I’m not high enough in the writing food chain to think that just because I’ve been published, future sales are guaranteed. We all have to strive to be better.  But today I will pat myself on the back, look at my pretty cover and acknowledge what I did.

Everyone needs to take the occasional day to savor the fruits of their labors, large or small. It doesn’t have to be a book. A good test score, an outstanding review at work, the culmination of months of hard work on a project, starting the new art class you’ve always wanted to take — what is important to each of us differs, but we all deserve to pause, take a deep breath and say “I did that!”

How do you celebrate your triumphs, large or small?


2 thoughts on “Taking a Day

  1. Hi Ann! HUGE congrats on the release day! I probably will grab on ebook because I can do that faster to read than to get to a store! LOL. I’ve been so looking forward to this one too! I know as a reader I often ask ‘when’s the next book out?’ and tell myself i can be too greedy! The more I learned about all you do to get your book out, the more appreciation I have for all you do so that I get to have this joy to read them. I so don’t know what i’d do without my romances to read. I know when my test results and scans keep coming back clear, I so have to celebrate! I know its not that I celebrate the results, but that I got through it emotionally! And thats the most hardest! It may not be a good example, but its something thats I go through and so proud i made it through.

    Congrats again Ann!!!


    1. Thank you so much Cathie! Good for you for keeping track of your health — it’s something all of us need to focus on. Clear test results are such huge relief for me too, knowing what kind illnesses run in my family.

      It was so nice of you to stop by — I HER SCOTTISH GROOM was worth the wait!


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