Hearts & Hunks

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we all know what that means! Time to curl up with chocolate, champagne and a good romance.  Here is my completely subjective and unscientific list of new books for my TBR pile.

After dark with a Scoundrel, Alexandra Hawkins: The third book in the Lords of Vice series, this one centers around the Earl of Chillingsworth’s sister, who has spent several years in a respectable school for young ladies after she got caught snogging Lord Hugh Mondare. Lady Regan’s interest in her brother’s friend is unquenched after five years, and she returns to London determined to follow up on it.  I look forward to Frost as a protective older brother as well. This has been a wonderful series so far, and I am looking forward to Regan and Dare’s story. February 1, 2011

Invitation to Sin, Jo Beverly et al: This romance anthology includes stories by Beverly, Vanessa Kelly, Sally McKenzie and Kaithlin O’Riley.  Four stories abounding with disreputable neighbors, secret affairs, scandalous behavior, unconventional women and bold, sexy men. I enjoy comparing the voices of different writers in anthologies, and given the authors assembled for this one, it should be quite the Valentine’s Day treat. February 1, 2011

One Night is Never Enough, Anne Mallory: Charlotte Chatsworth is understandably horrified to find that her father has gambled her away to Roman Merrick, head of a criminal empire in 19th century London.  Papa didn’t even gamble away her hand in marriage, just her virtue. Roman expects to have his night with the exquisite lady and then leave her. Neither of them expect their one night to turn into love, but when that happens, they each face ruin. I’m especially intrigued by the hero here: Roman’s manipulations could cross the line into being a bit creepy, but I’m willing to see how he turns out. February 22, 2011

To Desire a Wicked Duke, Nicole Jordan: The last in the Courtship Wars series gives Tess Blanchard her own story. And it should be a good one, since she and ‘her’ Duke are caught in an extremely compromising (and hot) embrace within the first pages of the book. Ian Sutherland is interfering, possibly manipulative, undoubtedly handsome, and has loved Tess for years.  In other words, the perfect romantic hero. I really, really, really can’t wait for this one, but I have to until February 22, 2011.

Pleasure Me, Monica Burns: A courtesan who thinks she’s past her prime meets a younger man in need of deflowering. This premise could be a disaster in the wrong hands, but Burns’ erotic romances raise the bar for her genre, so this one is totally going into my TBR pile. Both Lady Ruth Attwood and Garrick Stratfield sound like well rounded, sympathetic characters. Who are going to engage in some very hot love scenes. March 1, 2011

What upcoming releases are you going to add to your TBR pile?


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