Books for my Stocking

‘Tis the season for romance!  It’s time for another of my unscientific and completely subjective lists of upcoming and new books that pique my interest.  I’d be happy to find any of the books below in my stocking.

His Christmas Pleasure, by Cathy Maxwell: Abigail Montrose takes her future into her own hands and rejects the husband (and thirteen stepchildren) her father has selected for her.  Instead, she elopes with a mysterious (and sexy) baron. Both Abigail and Andres believe they will have a satisfactory marriage of convenience, only to find that they develop deeper feelings for one another.  I look forward to seeing what Maxwell does with this story. November 2010

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady, by Sabrina Jeffries: The most recent of the Sharpe family series, this book centers on Lady Minerva Sharpe’s reluctance to acquiesce to her grandmother’s demands that she marry.  This historical sounds like it mixes romance with a good mystery, as the hero selected by Minerva to parade as her betrothed has a double life.  The pairing of a proactive heroine and a wily hero sounds like a great way to while away a winter’s night. January 2011

A Most Scandalous Engagement, by Gayle Callen: The heroine, now a respected member of the ton, loses her reputation when a single outrageous episode in her past is brought to light. She turns to a trusted childhood friend to help her, but he has wanted her for years and won’t rest until he gains her heart.  ‘Hero-worshiping-heroine-for-ages’ is one of my favorite tropes, so I am really excited about this one. November 2011

The Perfect Mistress, by Victoria Alexander: Julia Winterset has inherited a decidedly racy book that has aroused the seductive instincts of not one, but three men. Publication would ruin the Earl of Mountdale’s family name.  Take one overbearing nobleman and match him with a stubborn widow in a story told with Alexander’s humor and historic accuracy. I’ll have to wait till January for this one, but I bet it’s worth it. January 2011

A Taste of Desire, by Beverley Kendall: In the second volume dealing with siblings Missy and Thomas Armstrong, outspoken beauty Amelia Bertram inadvertently wounds Thomas’ pride in a very, shall we say, personal area.  The outraged nobleman takes Amelia off to his country estate with the intention of teaching her a lesson in manners, which become lessons in mutual desire.  I have high hopes for Thomas’ story. January 2011

What books are you looking forward to in the next couple of months? I’d love to get more ideas for my TBR pile.

And check it out! I’m celebrating St. Andrew’s Day today at SOS Aloha!


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