Playing with my Blog Thingie

That’s BLOG thingie, not…um, never mind.

I just realized that Ann Stephens Romance is nearly a year old! I’m kind of excited by this, as I’ve been a lot better about posting entries here than with my first attempt at a blog.  In the spirit of reviewing & revising, I’m looking at some changes down the road that I hope will make things easier for me and more interesting for readers.

Posting here about once a week works well for me and I don’t plan to change that. I’ve got to be  the most boring person I know, so it’s hard to believe that anyone would  want to follow my non-fictional opinions or adventures. (To those of you who stop by regularly, all I can say is bless you and thank you!!!) And for now the blog’s appearance still works for me.  It’s clean and restful, which I like, and I can change the header photo to my heart’s content. Widgets may be appearing or moving around my sidebar as well.  If there’s something that is more interesting or appealing to you readers, let me know!

Starting in December, I’ll categorize each week’s post ahead of time, in part to keep me on track.  Selfishly, I’ll use areas I enjoy discussing, like the craft of writing, upcoming romance releases, historical hobbies or lifestyle or even a bit of background on my own books or WIPs. I might even consider a few snippets of what I’m working on if any of you are interested.

Also, I thought it would be fun to answer questions from readers periodically, so check back here to see when you can ask that burning question you’ve always had about my writing or hobbies or whatnot.  Just bear in mind, you can ask…but I may decide something is too personal to answer. 😉  I don’t lay awake at night worrying about stalkers or anything, but my children are concerned that what I write might infringe on their privacy. (In other words, they’re just plain mortified that their mother writes smut and they don’t want their friends to find out about it.)

Some of the pages accessible above my header photo may change as well, depending on what readers enjoy and show interest in.  I wasn’t sure about this whole ‘blog thingie’ when I began, but as it’s become part of my routine, I find it gives me a lift.  What do you readers enjoy seeing when you check an author’s blog?


2 thoughts on “Playing with my Blog Thingie

  1. How about a historical novel featuring an ice skating heroine from way back. She could be one of the first ever ice skating champs. You could research the history of ice skating. The hero could be the seemingly ruthless ice rink owner. Or, the hunky janitor guy who turns into her manager. Just an idea. I know your daughter skates, so you probably already have an interest.


    1. ROTFL, Rhonda! I’ll have to show this one to my daughter. 🙂 But I think to really get some conflict going, the heroine would have to fall for an early hockey player! Sparks would fly as they fought over ice time!


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