Birthdays and Books

I turned another year older in September.  Although I think attaining another year is always worth celebrating, especially when you notice that they’re starting mount up, ahem, this one was pretty quiet.  A number of family members have been hospitalized for various ailments this month, so there wasn’t a lot of motivation to hold a big party.  Besides, last year I pulled out all the stops & spent the day with a girlfriend who treated me to a day in a gorgeous spa.

I did feel guilty about such indulgence, but only a bit.  After spending four years either at or driving home from a figure skating competition with my oldest on my birthday, I felt entitled to some pampering!

My friend and I had a blast.  We got mudwraps, which sounds disgusting but which felt like being brushed with a thick layer of warm chocolate.  We got facials.  We got manicures.  It was just marvelous!  Much as I’d like to, I won’t be celebrating other birthdays in such sybaritic luxury in the foreseeable future, but I will always treasure the memories of this particular one.

In honor of my birthday month, September, and the arrival of the cover for Her Scottish Groom, I’ll give away up to 5 copies of my current release, TO BE SEDUCED, this Friday!  I’ll draw names from among commentators to this post, so tell me how you feel about birthdays and which ones were your most memorable.

And don’t forget to check out Authors by Moonlight tomorrow, when I’m unveiling the cover of HSG!


7 thoughts on “Birthdays and Books

  1. September is a busy birthday month here, too. My sister, aunt, and two neices have their special days. The speciality is in what remarkable women the years hone in time.

    My own slant on birthdays is a day to party–gather up family and talk over lunch and that sheet cake with whipped creme frosting.

    My best birthday gift ever was a leather belt with a silver buckle. On it, a cowboy ropes a cow. My grandparents gave this present to me for my 12th birthday, many years ago. I still have the belt.

    Oddly enough, I also still retain gift certificates from my last birthday, for Barnes and Noble and the Olive Garden. The new books will come first, then some much debated dish with melted cheese and those never-ending breadsticks.

    Happy birthday, Ann!


    1. Wow, you have a concentrated birthday season, Mary Jo! In my family, ‘birthday season’ went from August to November.

      It is so cool that you still have the belt from your grandparents. What a great way to remember them. I have a few gifts like that tucked away as well.


  2. October is the B’day month in my family with 6 birthdays although mine is in May. We ususally get together one weekend and celebrate all of them at once.


    1. A 6-person birthday weekend sounds like fun! So far, only my dad & one of my sisters share a birthday month (also October).


  3. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And there’s always more birthdays to look forward to. Hint, hint.


    1. It was a great birthday and I enjoyed every bit of it! And yes, I do hope I have several more birthdays to look forward to. 🙂


    2. It was a great birthday and I enjoyed every bit of it! And yes, I do hope I have several more birthdays to look forward to. 🙂


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