TBR: Life, Libertines and the Pursuit of Hotness!

It’s July, and I just celebrated the 4th.  In the spirit of independent heroines and the bad boys they love, here are some books that I hope will heat up some of my summer days. (And nights.)  Yup, time for another entirely subjective, unscientific list of recent and upcoming releases in my TBR pile:

My Reckless Surrender, by Anna Campbell: The premise of this book involves the maiden running headlong into the arms of a practiced seducer instead of away from him.  (And really, in our imaginations, wouldn’t we all rather do that?) This sounds like the hero and heroine both get caught in their own webs, a device that can make for some great reading. June 2010, Avon

Song of Seduction, by Carrie Lofty: Lofty thinks outside the box in her choice of times and places to set her historical romances.  Centered around a composer hero and a violinist heroine and placed in 1804 Vienna, I have high hopes for this one!  Her angst-filled heroes and heroines absorb me completely. June 2010, Carina

Knight of Passion, by Margaret Mallory:  The family of William and Catherine FitzAlan continues.  This time the hero is Jamie Rayburn, introduced as a small boy in the first book of her ‘All the King’s Men’ series.  If her past novels are indication, very adult sparks are going to fly when he meets his childhood sweetheart, Linnet.  Mallory’s deft use of historical events and detail hooked from the first.  June 2010, Grand Central

The Wicked Wyckerly, by Patricia Rice:  A second son with no sense of entitlement who comes into an impoverished title, his hellion of daughter and a heroine blessed with compassion and common sense — all sound like a charming trio to read about on summer’s day.  Abigail, the heroine, sounds like an especially delightful foil for a rake beset by debts, a sordid past and sudden fatherhood.  July 2010, Signet

Highland Warrior, by Hannah Howell: Howell releases another of her Highlands romances, this one featuring the laird of a rogue clan.  He faces the quandary of ransoming the heroine off to her family for the good of his people or keeping for the good of his heart.  Howell writes so many times and places well, her books are always a treat.  July 2010, Kensington Zebra

So this is my list.  What books do you look forward to reading?


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