Springtime is for Romance…Novels

My second-of-the-year, unscientific, and entirely subjective list of books in my TBR pile:

Desires of a Perfect Lady, Victoria Alexander:  Love disrupted by the machinations of others, and a profound sense of betrayal on both sides.  This one promises lots of angst, hopefully accompanied by touches of humor.  This one is at the top of my TBR pile.  March 2010

Shattered, Karen Robards: Although my first love is historical romances, this contemporary has several elements I enjoy: a heroine determined to take care of herself, an aloof hero who secretly lusts after her, a nice bit of mystery and a legal setting.  Having been raised by a lawyer and judge, I hold my breath about courtroom settings & legal procedures in fiction, but I’m willing to give Robards a chance.  March 2010

Mistress of Rome, Kate Quinn:  A romance novel placed in ancient Rome!  This book would catch my eye for the unusual setting alone, but a heroine who sounds courageous and resourceful is always worth reading about.  And lets not forget about the gladiator….ahem.  April 2010

Never Less than a Lady, Mary Jo Putney: Putney’s historical romances are an auto-buy for me.  Her characters are so real it’s as if I’m meeting new friends every time I read one of her books.  This volume is the second in her ‘Lost Lords’ series, and features a self-confessed murderess and a gallant, if over-particular hero.  Yeah, that got my attention.  May 2010

Sex and the Single Earl, Vanessa Kelly:  Despite a monumentally silly title, the actual plot of this book appeals to me. An arranged marriage where one of the characters harbors a secret longing for the other is one of my favorite plot devices.  May 2010


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