I Didn’t do this Alone

Following the good example of Cheryl St. John, I’m going to celebrate the arrival of my first copies of TO BE SEDUCED by thanking the people who have encouraged me, advised me, and helped me on the way to holding my own book in my hands.  (A real book! With pages and words and everything!)

Sally J. Walker is a walking cheerleader for anyone who wants to write seriously.  A storyteller from childhood, she has moderated and prepared lessons for our weekly critique group since before I joined.  Her passion for the written word  in books, screenplays and poetry helped me take myself seriously as a writer.  Thank you, m’lady.  Your energy is a constant inspiration.

HRM Johnnye Gephardt’s autocratic slash and burn of unnecessary adjectives, her brutal assessment of passages as ‘boring’ and keen ear for repetition and clichés is painful and yet welcome.  I will delay my assassination attempts long enough to curtsy in gratitude and roll my eyes across the floor to Your Majesty.  May you strike terror into our pens for many years to come.

Kimberly Stokely’s encouragement keeps me going even when I want to give up and never wrestle with another word again.  If a writer as good as she is likes my stuff, I guess I don’t suck completely.  You can get an idea of her ability in the Jan/Feb issue of the Writer’s Journal, where she won the 2009 Romance Contest.  Kim, when you get your first book deal, you will leave the rest of us in the dust.  The cheering behind you will be me.

Cheryl St. John is one of those authors who seems to offer support and good advice as easily as she breathes.  Over the last year, she has dropped so many helpful nuggets into the lap of this new author.  I’ve learned to listen when you speak.

Jim McGowan, Cher Powell, Aaron Loyd, and Patti Lynn are fellow writers whose words inspire me, both in their own writing and their critiques of mine.

Peter Senftleben of Kensington Books has guided me through the publication process with unfailing courtesy and patience.  It has truly been a blessing to work with you.

Post a comment below about anyone who has helped, mentored or encouraged you.  I’ll draw three names to get one free copy each of TO BE SEDUCED and post them Tuesday 1/27/2010.


10 thoughts on “I Didn’t do this Alone

  1. Congratulations on your new book it sounds great. I’m not a writer just a reader! My Mom had always helped me while growing up.


    1. Penney, to a writer, there’s no such thing as ‘just’ a reader. You’re who we write for 🙂


  2. Sally J. Walker January 23, 2010 — 07:39

    Your comments of gratitude are humbling, especially since you are now spewing such enthralling and quality descriptions, characters and plot events so effortlessly. I know it is work, but YOU, m’lady, make is SOUND easy. You have evolved a voice that intoxicates and soooo mesmerizes, that the reader is hooked forever . . . even if said reader is NOT a romance fan. YOU can make said reader your slave. Ask any and all of the Wednesday night Nebraska Writers Workshop folk. May you soon appear on the NYT Best-seller List. CONGRATULATIONS!


    1. Spewing prose…lol. I knew there was a reason I liked you, Sally!


  3. Hmm, who has helped & inspired me? Many of those you have already listed, and of course my parents. I inherited my sense of humor from my dad. Very funny and loving person. In the face of pain he would respond with a joke. Once when I was a kid, he and a friend were cutting down a tree. The friend accidentally hit him with a huge branch & my dad fell out of the tree. He grabbed the ropes in hope of stopping & slowing his fall. He was okay, but his hands & belly had rope burns. Afterwards, he told everyone he finally understood why Tarzan yelled. “Because them ropes hurt!” And my mom, a steady force who took care of us as childen, her parents when they got older & my dad when he got sick. She has a dry sense of humor, and catch mistakes in my writing like no one else.


    1. Great story about your dad, Rhonda! Hope your mom is at full speed again soon.


  4. Congrats on the publishing of your first book – not only am I a writer but I’m a reader. I’d say my mom has inspired me to start writing (she was definitely the encouragement I needed to get me reading). I’d say my cousin, Jannice would be someone who has helped me get back to writing – I’ll never forgot camping with her and writing my first poems with her. She is way I decided to join NWG and now NWG is my encouragement through the 500 words a day challenge – I’m struggling but at the same time I’ve written more this year than I have in the past 3 years.


    1. Thanks, Kristin! We all need people around to back us, how wonderful that you can find that within your family. And best of luck with your writing. Keep at it!


  5. I had no idea! I’d better think before I speak from now on, perhaps. lol

    It’s been a delight getting to know you, and I’m so excited for the release of your book. Congratulations!

    Enjoy every moment.


    1. See, you’re being nice again Cheryl! The delight is mutual.


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