Coming in 2010! My first TBR list of the Year

Yeah, I should be writing something about my favorite romances of 2009, but I’m ready to move on!  Here are 5 books I look forward to reading in the New Year:

1.  A Matter of Class, by Mary Balogh: I enjoy marriage of convenience stories, partly because the two people involved have to find a way to work things out.  Mary Balogh’s tales draw you in with their wonderful sense of time and place.   AMOC came out this month and is next on my To Read list.

2. To Tame a Dangerous Lord, by Nicole Jordan:  A ‘dangerously sexy’ lord marries a plain girl.  She wants to gain his attention by becoming a beautiful temptress.  I am a total sucker for a good makeover, and if the first chapter is any indication, this one revolves around an extremely attractive hero and a very likable heroine.  Release date: January 2010

3. Scoundrel’s Kiss, by Carrie Lofty:  An opium addict heroine and a hero who has taken a vow of chastity — wow!  This one I’ve got to read!  With their backgrounds, these characters sound like they go through a lot of angst, and the setting, in Spain, also intrigues me.  Release date: January 2010

4. Rogue in my Arms, by Celeste Bradley:  The next in her Runaway Brides series features what sounds like an interesting triangle involving a nobleman, an actress and her seamstress.  And don’t forget the motherless waif and the seamstress’ young brother!  Release date: February 2010

5. All Night with a Rogue, by Alexandra Hawkins: Another rouge! A notorious, handsome and decadent hero and a heroine who wants to live by her own talents.  Sounds like my kind of book…yummy 🙂  Release date: February, 2010

And in an utterly brazen plug, don’t forget To be Seduced, by ME!  I enjoyed writing this story so much.  Richard, a honey-voiced Cavalier, will use any means necessary to rebuild his home.  Bethany, whose Puritan upbringing hasn’t blinded her to worldly ambition, insists on turning the situation to her own advantage.  Mutual suspicion wars with mutual attraction in the turmoil of the early English Restoration.


2 thoughts on “Coming in 2010! My first TBR list of the Year

  1. Margot Imperato January 13, 2010 — 08:56

    thx very much ^^?


    1. You’re welcome, hope you found some good reading ideas here.


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