This is new….

While I’m hardly a recluse, the concept of having my book title and name come up in various places on the internet is …. odd. ‘Behind the scenes’ is where I’ve always lived and I do well there. So when Maureen Cuddy in Kensington’s publicity department emailed and then called me last week to request answers to questions for the Debut Corner of Romantic Times’ February issue, I alternated between ‘OMG!!’ and ‘Oh, crap!’ (Um, actually I used a stronger word than ‘crap’.)

Maureen’s initial email went into my spam file and she called one of the few times I didn’t have my phone with me. Lucky for me she was very understanding about the spam issue. Besides, when I checked the time of her call, I realized I had been driving a very busy stretch of road with my daughter in the car. Better chalk one up to my Car Guardian Angel for leaving the phone behind that day.

After jumping up and down, emailing Maureen back (she had left the office by the time I returned her call), running out to the nearest bookstore to get a copy of RT to get an idea of the length of the answers I should provide, going to my weekly critique group and finally composing the answers to send back, I wondered where else I might be popping up. For the record I didn’t Google myself, since my favorite search engine is

I knew that Kensington listed To be Seduced on the major sites for pre-sale, but I also found it mentioned in an online forum at Romantic Times, the blog Babbling About Books and More, and at Fantastic Fiction, a site based in the United Kingdom that covers all genres of fiction.  The site that gave me the biggest chuckle was the one offering my book for pre-sale in India. I wonder if this makes me ‘internationally known’ now. (My guess would be not so much, lol.)


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