Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Ann Stephens Romance. I’m a romance writer — my first book is coming out in 2010, from Kensington Books. In To be Seduced, handsome Cavalier Richard Harcourt returns to England with King Charles II only to find his estate ruined.

A marriage of convenience…
Destitute and desperate, he sets his sights on Puritan heiress Bethany Dallison. As the lady is all but promised to another, he resorts to kidnapping, knowing her mother and friends would rather see her wed than face ruin. But he doesn’t count on a bride with a cool head and a passionate heart!

…Or connivance?
Bethany has her own reasons for marrying Richard, most of them held in the care of her father’s banker. With her fortune in trust until she weds, she enters into marriage with Richard in hopes of gaining a measure of independence. Unfortunately, she discovers her groom has a disastrous effect on her senses…and her emotions.

Join me on the exhilarating ride as I prepare for publication. I hope to update this blog at least monthly in between writing and real life!


1 thought on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Looking forward to walking through this journey with you Ann. Story sounds wonderful! Hope there’s more books in the future!


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