“What are you doing?”

People ask me this when they call or drop by during the day.  “What are you doing?”

“Writing” is my usual response.  Sometimes I’m revising, or working on a press release or reading for research.  If the caller or visitor is another writer, or someone who cares about me, I know the business will be concluded quickly, or I might have the pleasure of a mini brainstorming session when they say “How’s it going?” or “Where are you in the story?”

Then there are the people who Just Don’t Get It.

“Oh.”  Mr. or Ms. JDGI proceeds to present whatever induced them to call or come by, while I try to be polite and not betray my impatience to get back to work.  Most days are productive enough that I can deal with the occasional interruptions without turning into the Vulture Woman from Hell.  These aren’t salespeople who pop up, mind you, whom I just don’t speak to during my work time.   There are simply people in my life who refuse to respect my boundaries no matter how insistently I proclaim them.

The relationship experts will tell you to kick people who do this to you straight to the curb, but for a variety of reasons that is not always possible.  I remind myself to be thankful that none of the people I live with are so cavalier.  Sometimes my patience is rewarded with a good story or a decent conversation, but often as not I pass a fruitless half-hour trying to make chit-chat while worrying that I’ll lose the thread of my writing for the day.  I remind myself that all visitors leave eventually, especially if their presence is not responded to with more than is required by good manners.

I am getting a reputation in some quarters as being no fun anymore, or even downright rude.  I am okay with this.  People don’t just drop in someone working their day jobs to chat about trivia.  Please don’t do it to me.


It’s THE Day

TO BE SEDUCED is scheduled to be released today!  So how am I celebrating?  DH is taking me out to dinner and mentioned a chilled bottle of champagne to enjoy afterward.  My oldest posted a message of love and support on my Facebook wall and I have no doubt my youngest will acknowledge the day when she gets home from school, as she understands the importance of celebrating life’s milestones better than anyone else I know.  Truly, God has blessed me with wonderful family and friends.

But till tonight?  Well….I’m writing.  First this post, and then at least a page of my WIP before I visit area bookstores.  I’m not what one of my mentors calls a ‘gotta-be’ writer yet, but it’s safe to say I am officially past the ‘wanna-be’ stage.  I am a writer.  I was a writer before I was an author, and I will be a writer if I never sell another book.  (Although I do want to sell more books!  Judging from the voices in my head, lots more!)

I had no way of knowing when I entered a contest that it would lead to this day.  I am humbled by the support and kindness of others, not just those around me, but those who I know only through the internet and over the phone.  I am humbled by the opportunity given to me, and hope I can live up to it.